Stray Dog Interrupts Soccer Game And Ends Up Getting Adopted By A Play

Stray Dog Interrupts Soccer Game And Ends Up Getting Adopted By A Player

Dogs are naturally playful and loving. Yet the stray dog’s playfulness in this viral video has eventually brought him two strokes of luck – being the star of a viral video and finding a forever home.

When you watch a professional soccer game in Potosi, Bolivia, you will notice that both players and fans take this sport very seriously. That’s probably why there were mixed emotions when a stray dog interrupted the game by freely running onto the field, holding one soccer shoe in his mouth.

Some fans were entertained with the dog’s sudden appearance while the others got frustrated. But all is well now since the dog didn’t just end up as an interruption – he also became a beloved pet to one of the soccer players.

If you watch him closely,  it seems like the dog didn’t go to the soccer field to cause any disruption. You can easily tell by the pooch’s body language that he was out there to have a good time.

He was being his playful and free-spirited self while running around with only one shoe in his mouth. This happened for a few seconds until one soccer player approached the happy dog.

The player, surprisingly, did more than just stop the dog.  First, he gave the furry pooch a  good belly rub that was enough to keep the pup lying on the field. The player then tried to pick him up, but it seems the dog wanted to have a little more fun.

As the furry pooch quickly worked his way around the soccer field, the referee and the players were trying their best to get hold of him. Finally, Raul Castro was the soccer player who caught the dog and carefully took him out of the fields.

Later, Raul learned that the same dog was hit by a car. He decided to call the shelter and offered to adopt the canine.

Stray Dog Interrupts A Pro Soccer Match In Bolivia, Gets Adopted By A Player Who Carried Him Off The Field | Bored Panda

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