Rescue Kitten Thinks He Is Also A Member Of The Dog Gang, Like His Big

Rescue Kitten Thinks He Is Also A Member Of The Dog Gang, Like His Big Brothers

The animals are so adorable, especially the little ones. They will be much affected by both humans and other animals around them. These cute fluffy guys love imitating their sibling’s gestures and joining in everything with them, from walking to sleeping. This is what happens with this abandoned kitten. After a long time being cared for by other two dogs, the little animal thinks he is also a dog, like his big brothers. Keep scrolling!

Azmael, the name of the kitten, was found in a small puddle of blood in the middle of the road by a firefighter from Belgium a few years ago. Realizing the kitty was seriously injured, the man didn’t hesitate to save it.

The man and his wife brought the fragile kitty to the vet. The vet said that his survival chances were very slim, but he made a miracle. After a few days, they were able to bring him home. And the kitty officially became one of their family members.

Actually, the couple was scared that they didn’t have enough time to take care of Azmael. They were also scared that the kitten wouldn’t befriend well other two pets of their family, an Altdeutscher Schäferhund named Nimue and a White Swiss Shepherd named and Liam.

Surprisingly, Nimue enthusiastically joined a hand to raise Azmael. The firefighter’s wife, Nathalie said: “She cleaned the kitten and gently played with her every day. I suppose it would have been an entirely different story if our pets didn’t all get along.” Nimue and Liam also served as the guardian for Azmael when they joined a walk together. ”

Azmael soon got along well with her big brothers, becoming a true member of the gang. He thinks he is one of them, an adorable dog. The three are now inseparable. They do everything together, from walking, playing to sleeping.

Recently, Nathalie, shared a pic of the gang sitting on the road, enjoying their time outside to the “Aww” subreddit yesterday. And this pic has melted and stolen the hearts of millions with a whopping 77K upvotes.

And you, do you fall in love with the photo of this adorable gang If yes, just share it to friends and other family members. It’s enough to add more vitamins to your boring day.

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