Natural Remedy Options for Abscess

Abscess are redandthey form underthe skin. Abscess can be reallypainful. Usually theare aaround abscess is also painpul. If you have an abcsess do not squeeze it. It mightin fect the are asne arby which will causemore abscess. Abscess usually appear on armpits, shoulders, neck and face. You can treat abscess at home.

Natural Remedy Options for Abscess

Applying Heat for Abscess
Applying heat for abscess
will help toin creasecirculation. Thatway, more White bloodcells can fight infection. Tousethisapproach, apply a warm compress. Make sure you hold it for at least 20 minutes long. You can do this 3 times a day.

Tea Tree Oil for Abscess
Tea tree oil for abscess used because it has strong antiseptic properties. You should never apply tea tea directly on theabscess. It will cause you to feel a burn. Instead mix five drops of tea tree oil with coconut oil. You can use olive oil too. Put themix ture on the cotton swab. Apply it on thearea. You can do this until the abscess is complet elygone.

Oils for abscess
use dare castor and neem il. Castor oilcontinsricinoleicacid. It has anti inflammatory properties. It is a great remedy for abscess. You can apply small amount of it directly on the skin. Another oilty pecomm only used for abscess is neem oil. Neem oil is also known as Indianlilac. It has anti microbial, anti septicand anti bacterial properties. This properties help totreatthe skin. After you make sure the skin and your hand sareall clean, you can applyit any how youwish.

If abscess keeps getting worsedespite of those treatments you should see a doctor. Also if you have diabetes make sure you see a doctor.