Incredible Examples Of How Nature Always Keeps On Giving And Amazing Us

Incredible Examples Of How Nature Always Keeps On Giving And Amazing Us

Nature continues to surprise us with the things it offers. It lets us see things around us differently, breaking all stereotypes. We see animals, flowers, trees in different shape and color and we’re amazed by the diverse beauty each one of them hold on itself, but there’s always more. Nature keeps on giving endlessly. No one could have imagined an all-black zebra, or lobster which is only half orange.

Below you have the chance to check out some examples  that will give you another perspective on nature and its playfulness.

It is the bunny version of Disney’s Dumbo the Elephant.


We’d love to pet this American Bashkir horse.


Any mathematician would be jealous of the symmetry on this newborn kitty’s face.


A kitty with a dream to run like a leopard


This greater sage-grouse looks like the queen of the birds!


This chrysalis looks like a Christmas ornament

“We love you too, buddy!”


This pink katydid was painted with nature’s brightest palette.


This cat looks like it’s made of marble

This albino humpback whale coming out of the water takes our breath away.
Has #Migaloo Jrn reappeared again after many years unseen? It is believed #MigalooJRN was sighted off #CapeMorton…
Posted by Migaloo the White Whale on Saturday, 28 July 2018
A “split” lobster is a rare find and only occurs in about one in every 100 million lobsters.

October, you kinda snuck up on us. But we’re really excited you’re here because this is the perfect month to highlight…
Posted by New England Aquarium on Monday, 1 October 2018
This white peacock is mesmerizing to look at.

Albino peacock


When you can’t decide what to wear on tonight’s date:

Albino Peacock

Zophie, the gorgeous horse, looks like an oil painting.

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