Foster Mom Finds Perfect Way To Comfort Lonely Pup

Foster Mom Finds Perfect Way To Comfort Lonely Pup

Rhett is a Pit Bull mix puppy that was found in the streets of Arkansas. Together with his mom, and six siblings, they were brought to a local shelter. But because the shelter could not accommodate them all, they were taken to New Jersey, where a non-profit rescue organization accepted them.

But once again, because there were seven of them, they couldn’t find a single foster home that would take them all. Luckily, the puppies were already weaned, so they were able to separate them. The mom went to one foster home, and the six puppies were separated into two homes.

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Rhett, along with his brothers, Junior and Owen, were taken in by Mariann Wright-Feliciano and her family. But shortly after they arrived, Owen and Junior got sick. Sadly, Owen did not make it, and Junior had to stay in the hospital. Rhett was left all alone.

According to the vet, they couldn’t be sure what caused the illness in the puppies. They suspected that it could be a viral infection, but all their tests came back negative. One thing is for sure, something was attacking their white blood cells. Fortunately, Rhett was not afflicted by the infection.

Despite this, Rhett soon became a recluse and would sometimes act up. Mariann knew right away that the puppy missed his brothers. All throughout his short two-month life, he had a huge family with him, and now, he is staying in a strange house, all alone.

This worried the foster mom. She tried to spoil the lonely pup, giving him a new toy, and even a new bed and several blankets. But nothing worked. Then she had an idea. She wore a sling where Rhett could be carried close to her.

Amazingly, her idea worked. Being close to her body gave Rhett some comfort. The puppy would calm down whenever she would carry him. Maybe Rhett hated the idea of being alone, and being close to his foster mom gave him assurance. Mariann said that he just needed to be loved.

Thankfully, Junior overcame the infection and was soon back home. Rhett wasn’t a lonely pup anymore, and he didn’t need the sling to feel loved. When he is ready for his new familyMariann hopes that he goes to a home where there are other dogs too.

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