10 WEIRD ANIMALS That Will Give You Chills

10 WEIRD ANIMALS That Will Give You Chills

Get ready to see these rare animals, since they will all give you chills. These animals are super weird, and you won't believe really exist.

Here is the list of some of the weirdest animals.

-Myanmar snub-nosed monkey 
This rare primate was discovered in in 2010 by the scientific world, but the hunters and locals of northern Burma knew about this animal for a long time, even calling it "monkey with its face turned up" or "Nwoah" 

-Cereal leaf beetle 
This insect is one of the most horrendous and annoying plagues of the cultivations around the world. 

-The Goliath tigerfish 
This fish won’t only scare you but traumatize you so you don’t ever step on a river again. The goliath tigerfish is one of the largest and scariest species around the world.

-Purple Frog 
This amphibian is one of the most repulsive and unpleasant species around the world, it discovered only 15 years ago in India, specifically, in the year 2003 in the famous Western Ghats or Sahyadri mountains.

-Goblin shark
This shark is one of the most bizarre and extraordinary species that nature could give us. It has a prominent nose that gives it a strange and almost unrealistic look.

This incredible and strange specie of moth was discovered in 2009 by the Dr. Arthur Anker. This discovery occurred during his visit to the Gran Sabana National Park located in Venezuela.

-Brazilian treehopper
If you thought insects were really horrible, this specie will leave make you feel like you don’t want to see one of these again in your life. 

-Blue Dragon 
For many people dragons are synonymous of power, courage and terror. In the case of the Blue Dragon, it’s difficult to give it that kind of adjectives, because it only measures between 1 to 1.57 inches in length. 

-Giant isopod 
It totally normal for an insect to disgusts us and cause repulsion, but you should know that crustaceans can do this too. 

-Blob fish 
This fish won’t only make you feel as sick as you’ve never been before it will also cause you nightmares from another dimension.  

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